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About Zoya

Image by Jr Korpa

My Love Story

I am going to be very honest with you.


I humbly confess that I am living my dream life and it keeps getting better. I'm passionately in love with and loved by an incredibly talented and caring man who’s been my husband for 16 years. This doesn't mean our marriage is "perfect" but it's consistently moving in the direction of deeper intimacy and freedom.  


It wasn't always like this for me. 


16 years ago, when we just married and started living together, I was miserable and lost. I often felt misunderstood, hurt and unappreciated by my husband. We fought so often that I felt exhausted and unable to focus on my work. I cried my eyes out and kept blaming my husband for his anger, his parents for his childhood traumas, and the whole world for the patriarchal cultural conditioning. It took days or even weeks to heal from a previous conflict and to start opening my heart again to then go down into that same loop of despair and confusion as a new conflict arisen. Ouch! So much suffering…When I look back now, I don’t even know how we managed to go through those first years together as it was so intense.


My marriage has been a wild ride. It’s taken much work to stay together - first just surviving, then enjoying it more and, finally, thriving. It’s still not a smooth journey and it might never be. However, what I desire most is not a no-conflict marriage. We are free to disagree with each other and conflicts are inevitable. What I desire is openness, trust, emotional connection, and real intimacy. That is what makes us stronger as a couple in spite of any disagreements we encounter.


Coaching about embodied love in marriages is much easier than actually doing it. I keep screwing up. I’m downright human with my own self-centeredness. At times I get affected by unprocessed emotions or traumas of the past. I can’t see my shadows as they are behind me. Yet I’ve been devoted to being a light of consciousness that illuminates these shadows, on both personal and collective levels, for two decades.


I keep showing up and embodying more love no matter what. That’s what counts.


My commitment to my marriage has taught me all about stepping out of victimhood, radical responsibility and compassion, boundaries setting and healthy communication. The challenges of my marriage have been motivating me to keep learning and practicing anything that could be of service to my personal transformation.  I’ve grown so much from dedicating myself to serving love and embodying oneness in my relationship with my husband as my divine beloved. All the spiritual concepts got to be embodied to keep creating the marriage of my dreams. My life has never been that Love-full. And I thank my husband for all that I’ve experienced in our marriage, both struggles and triumphs.


My sacred calling is to empower women who are struggling in their marriages (or committed love relationships) to go from feeling the way I did to feel the way I do now - happier and healthier than I ever have before. I am so very grateful to each of my clients and all I’ve learned through working with women. I love my work so much! I love seeing huge shifts in my clients’ marriages. It’s so inspiring to witness women creating a completely new story of their love and life in a relatively short time!


I wholeheartedly invite you to join me and our community of women who stand for Love. We need each other and the world needs many happy marriages. 


Why? I believe that it’s our way to heal humanity and Earth. Yes, by learning to embody more love you heal yourself and then you start healing the wounded man/child in your husband. When your marriage is happy, imagine how much more love you can offer to your children (if any) and all the people around you. And now imagine more and more happy marriages that radiate more and more love into the world… Aaaaaah…. That’s my dream. That’s my mission, my dharma, my passion.


Together we can create a world of embodied love and pass it on to our children and the next generations. 






My whole life has been about returning to Love. 

Embodying Love more fully. 

Serving Love with all of myself.

I never lost trust in Love. 

Love’s carried me through the darkest times.

Love’s taught me to fly high and dive deep.  

Love’s led me to a nourishing stillness 

an ecstatic eruption of energy

a wild dance of emotions

a smooth flow of life…

And my marriage has been 

the alchemical cauldron of my Love embodiment.

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