Womb-Moon Alchemy:

Womb Clearing & Activation

Clearing and activating the womb is the foundation for your wellbeing, loving relationships, successful career and joyful living in freedom and joy.

Womb is the foundation and the powerhouse of a woman. 

Womb is a sacred centre of innate wisdom.

Womb is a deep-seated pleasure zone.

Womb is the alchemical cauldron of healing transmutation.

Womb is a powerful portal to return home to your authentic self.

Womb is the crucible for Sacred Union between man and woman. 

Womb is the awakening source for the Divine Feminine.


If your body is your temple, then your womb is your goddess.

Yet the womb has been forgotten and distorted for centuries…


What is your relationship with your womb?

Do you use your womb’s unlimited potential?



Regardless of your stage of life, or absence of the uterus,

this workshop will benefit you greatly.


If you have lost your womb (uterus) to surgery,

please come to work with your energetic womb space.

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Together we’ll create a safe and sacred space to:


~ Open your pelvis and reconnect with your womb

~Clear your womb space from anger, shame, guilt, grief, and

any residual energies from past or current relationships

~ Learn about the 8 sacred womb initiations of a lifetime

~ Go on an embodied journey of womb mapping & create your own womb-moon medicine wheel

~Awaken your inner elemental power and activate creative womb portals


This workshop will include embodiment practices, rituals, meditation, both stillness and movement,

vision quest journey, silence, music, and sister shares;

and since it's our co-creation it will be shaped by energies that you bring into the circle.


By clearing and activating our wombs, we reconnect with our feminine essence and power,

and restore the harmony of our female bodies, families, society and Earth.


Enrollment is limited to 11 to ensure personal attention to every participant.

鄭伃君 / Ivy Jheng

直覺溝通師, 台灣

Intuitive communicator, Taiwan



Womb-Moon Alchemy is intended to refine our female power and create transformation from the inside out. Few women can openly and calmly appreciate their beauty and features. Our environment has been attaching the labels on the “feminine,” layering them on top of each other for thousands of years. We have the opportunity to clean them up, and it starts with getting to know and deeply understand ourselves. Menstruation, feminine crown, womb, feminine characteristics and embracement. Accepting that I’m a woman is just the first step. Falling in love with myself again is the biggest gift.

 Gabi Seewald,

author & retreat facilitator, Austria



This Circle has connected me even deeper with my own inner Source of Power, Wisdom and Love, my Essence, has catalyzed  most profound release, healing and reconciliation and brought me more fully home, into my Body Temple.





I am deeply grateful and honoured for this opportunity to have been a part this circle today..and I am full of this beautiful pulsating energy which I am feeling all through my body. Each of you has shared something or have been present today in a way that has touched something very significant for me.

Zoya: I am so grateful for you inviting me and welcoming me...and for your way of being...your presence today in the circle and in my life right now is God sent.

Just come as you are and receive the gift of presence, healing,

unconditional acceptance and love.

It is time for us to get in deeper touch with our wombs, identify any blockages and move, circulate and transmute them into pure life force of Shakti.


It’s through the womb the heart can get free.

Only when the womb is clear, open and able to “hold space,” the heart can love unconditionally. 

Let’s empower our wombs to birth the truth of who we really are.





















“I’m grateful for this workshop, the power it brought is beyond any expectation. I would recommend it to all my female friends because it is important to every woman! For a long time, many of women have forgotten their feminine power and value! And this workshop can help female friends get it back!”




Don’t miss the opportunity! If you feel called or even just curious, consider joining this workshop. You won’t regret it!