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Womb-Moon Alchemy: Mother & Homecoming

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Your mother is the place you came from, your first home and nurturance source. In the first years of your life, when you were forming your personality and cognition, your experience of the self and world was filtered through your mother’s body-mind-spirit. This first-in-life relationship remains primary and subconsciously influences your self-worth and choices that you make till the end of life. 

Every person on the planet would benefit from healing their mother wound - a set of dysfunctional internalized believes, energetic imprints, and behavior patterns that originated from the relationship with one’s mother and limit one’s self-realization. We all suffer this wound, most of the time not being aware that the challenges that we experience are rooted in that most important relationship in our life.

Whether your mom is still alive or not, whether you have a great relationship with her or a challenging one, this workshop will catalyze your homecoming - a process of the full embodiment of your essential self which at the same time connects you with all there is in an empowered way.

Homecoming will allow you to stay centered and calm in the midst of emotional chaos, to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin, to define success in your own terms, to be truly seen and heard, to be more magnetic, to communicate your desires with grace and power, and much more.

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Holding Hands



“Even though I had a very challenging relationship with my mom, I know and feel now that I was loved. I’m feeling so touched.”



Womb-Moon Alchemy Group Counseling


Together we’ll create a safe and sacred space to:

~ Heal any places of hurt and disconnect from your mother and embrace the gifts and challenges of your maternal lineage

~ Experience a practical way to safely process your anger, grief, fear, and other challenging emotions


~ Identify how you compromise your essential self in order to receive love from outside and transform these patterns (fill in your “mother gap”)

~ Deepen your inner sense of safety and “home,” and ability to be you


~ Open to the Divine Mother as She lives within you and bathe in Her unconditional love


Healing the mother wound and separation from the Divine Mother

will open new doors for your self-realization in the areas of life where you need it most:

intimate relationships, health, finances, parenting, or career, and, of course,

will improve the way you relate to the woman who gave you life and the feminine in general.

All genders are welcome!

No prior experience is required. Just come as you are.

You'll be witnessed without judgment and held with an appreciation for ALL of yourself. 

Sunset Over the Mountains


“Zoya Lu is a great facilitator for personal growth work. Her approach is gentle and thoughtful, and invites deep self-reflection and awakening”. 

5 weekly live

2-hour classes over Zoom with opportunity for interaction and questions


 simple weekly exercises between sessions to go deeper on your journey


Facebook community forum for sharing, support, and nourishing connection

4/10 报滿了fully booked

If you'd like to participate in the next workshop, please fill up the form and 

I'll inform you when it will be held.



“I’ve never been to a workshop like this.”


The truth is it’s the first time for most women! AND the experience shows that in the environment of safety and sacredness that we create during the workshop, women of all ages and backgrounds open up to and receive the healing and deep transformation they need. 


“Will this work for me?”


My 15 years + of working with women from all over the world shows that these experiences are universal and work for any woman who sincerely participates in the process, regardless of their previous experiences. ALSO, the workshop includes energy clearing to remove any possible blockages to your healing and transformation to help you to get the most amazing results.


“I’m not ready. Maybe I’ll do it later…”


We never feel ready as the fear of the change and the unknown is always present.

Change is scary.

It’s natural to resist change as we are creatures of habit.

Most of the time we'd rather be miserable and certain than uncertain and hopeful. 

But If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.

You need to show up for yourself! Nobody can do it for you!


Imagine that you could be who you want to be right now, without waiting for the “perfect tomorrow” that never comes. Why keep being stuck, unhealthy, unhappy in life, relationships or work, if you could change it?

Postponing your inner changes to embody the most expanded version of yourself just prolongs the unnecessary suffering.

"Zoya, thank you,

thank you for letting me into this world of magic, love, alchemy and deep healing.


You walk the talk and I so respect you for your humbleness, strength, clarity, and compassion".

Elizabeth Coetzee

hydrotherapy and fasting specialist

South Africa


引導者:Zoya Lu


Don’t miss the opportunity!

If you feel called or even just curious, consider joining this workshop.


You won’t regret it! 

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