Do you desire to feel loved, secure, appreciated and joyful in your marriage/ committed love relationship?


Would you like to enjoy trust, open communication, emotional connection and freedom of being fully yourself with your partner? 


Do you want to have him looking at you like he did when you first met?


… well, then you are home!


Welcome to Embodied Love: Happy Marriage!

Private Six-Month
Embodied Love ::
Happy Marriage
Coaching Program 

"Working with Zoya privately has opened to me so many possibilities. Zoya is teaching me so many techniques to help me cope on a daily basis. Zoya is a very knowledgeable person on so many levels. The amount of knowledge and skills she shares with me are countless. Taking care of my emotional well-being is helping me cope much better. I have learned a lot and there is still a lot more to learn. Awareness, releasing fears and getting in touch with feelings are all part of this learning process. A safe and secure environment has to be provided for the process to begin. Zoya has and continues to provide me with such an environment. Zoya offers me constant support. I know that she is there whenever I need her and I am forever grateful".


identity protected, UK

The personally-tailored Embodied Love:: Happy Marriage program is 6 months long and includes two 60-minutes coaching sessions per month, all the audio, video and reading materials you need and follow-up emotional email support in-between scheduled sessions.


I make working with me easy and convenient for you and your family. We’ll hold our private sessions online via Zoom or Skype. It’s a great way to enjoy your session in the convenience of your own home or office, no matter where you live. There is more privacy, no need to stress about coordinating travel schedules, fight traffic, find parking or worry about arranging childcare. Zoom and Skype video calls are free worldwide. If you’ve got an internet connection, we’re good to go!



The fee for the Embodied Love:: Happy Marriage 6-month one-on-one program:

379 USD per month


1975 USD as a one-time payment for 6 months (save 299 USD)

"Zoya has a profound ability, honed over many years of practice, to tune into intuition and guidance to help people gain opening and realization. Her comments are always on the mark, allowing me to get clarity and melt away resistance. Zoya has literally transmitted Light into my life and has helped me nurture that seed so that, through my own patient dedication and effort, this Light and Love is now firmly rooted in my everyday awareness".


Anastasia Avvakumova, intuitive healer & writer, Canada

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