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About Zoya

About Zoya

Zoya Lu is a womb priestess, emotional alchemist, moon yogini, relationship coach, and the creatrix of Womb-Moon Alchemy &  Womb-Moon Yoga.

After a spiritual awakening over two decades ago, Zoya’s extensively trained in mindfulness, hatha and tantra yoga, energy psychology, coaching, energy healing, holistic health, meditation, and yoga therapy. Her coaching skills are enhanced with her immersion in the study and practice of the world’s wisdom traditions and healing arts such as the 13-Moon Mystery School, Womb Shamanism, Ayurveda, Taoism, Theravada, and Vajrayana Buddhism. 


Zoya is passionate about helping women to create happy lives by accessing, honoring, and embodying love as their true essence. When working with her, women feel heard, accepted, valued, nourished, and loved just the way they are, and, at the same time, they are guided to see their blind spots that contribute to their problems. According to her clients and students, Zoya's very good at taking the esoteric and deeply spiritual and translating it for the mainstream world as down-to-earth philosophy and practical guidance. Zoya has a gift of recognizing and compassionately pointing out at the very root of any difficulty and offering effective support to make immediate positive changes. 


Her mentoring comes along with the facilitation of emotional and physical healing that every woman needs to truly love and be loved. Zoya’s approach is somatic to create deep and life-lasting changes and womb-centered to anchor her clients in internal safety, power, and their own unique truth. 


Zoya combines her vast knowledge of the human psyche and coaching experience with her strong intuitive skills and commitment to be a vessel of love. Clients who have worked with her share sentiments such as: “Zoya’s kind, welcoming and gentle nature makes one feel comfortable immediately. She resonates nurturing energy that makes me feel supported and loved.”


Offering her service as a full-time spiritual teacher since 2004, Zoya has been a catalyst for healing and self-actualization to hundreds of women from all over the world.

  • Womb Awakening Facilitator,

trained by Seren and Azra Bertrand, Womb Awakening School 

  • Moon Priestess,

apprenticed with Sarah Uma Kane, 13-Moon Mystery School

  • Yoga Teacher & Ayurveda Practitioner,

trained by Vivekananda Yoga Mahavidyapeetham of SVYASA,  deemed University recognized by Government of India (Prashanti Kuteeram, Bangalore, India); Universal Yoga (Crimea, Ukraine);

Atma VikasaCenter of Yogic Sciences (Mysore, India);

Pranava YogadhamaTrust (Mysore, India);

Atma Darshan Yoga Ashram (Bangalore, India);

Mysore Mandala Yogashala(Mysore, India)

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner (level 2),

trained by Helene Fone, CEO of EFT & Mindfulness Centre

  • Relationship Coach,

trained by Peggy Guglielmino, Salus Academy

  • Energy Worker (Pranic Healing, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing)

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Me about me:)

I am passionate about body wisdom, women empowerment, sacred union of the Masculine and Feminine, emotions as the soul guidance, and co-creating magic with Mama Earth and all Her beings.


My body and Nature are my teachers. Long spiritual retreats and extended hours of sitting in meditation have connected me with my shakti energy and my womb wisdom. I trust in divine guidance - no matter what shows up. I follow my longing for love, oneness, joy and freedom as a Womb-Moon Yogini, Spiritual Alchemist, and Soul Midwife.


 I am committed to my personal healing and evolution, transformational education, and the healing and evolution of the collective. One of my greatest gifts as a teacher is to convey the healing energy of the pure presence through womb-to-womb, heart-to-heart transmission. I use different intelligences (cognitive, heart, womb, unconscious) to immerse in the infinite wisdom of possibilities in order to guide women in creating and manifesting their reality. 


I am an advocate of living in tune with natural cycles and Nature / Sophia's intelligence in general and hallowing the Moon in particular. I believe that it is vitally important for a woman to align her energy and time management to her menstrual cycle and nurture her health, home, family and work in a rhythm in tune with her personal moon. Attuning to the Moon is the key to women’s relationships with the Divine Feminine in Her many various forms as different phases of the Moon correspond to different archetypes, goddesses and elements.


I offer my immense gratitude to many amazing women and men who I’ve been so fortunate to meet as my teachers, mentors or/and a source of inspiration: Seren and Azra Bertrand, Richard Rudd, Ariel Spilsbury, Elayne Kalila Doughty, Ekhart Tolle, Miranda Gray, Kimberly Johnson, Chameli Ardagh, S. N. Goenka, Lydia Oukhaneva, Reggie Ray, Dr. John Gottman, Irene Lyon, Claire Zammit, and Brene Brown. These powerful beings have been my way-showers and an infinite well of wisdom to drink from. I am especially thankful to Sarah Uma Kane, Planetary Priestess and Joyful Living Coach, whose mentoring of 13 moons had transformed me deeper than 13 years of my spiritual practices before that.


And now for some more facts about me.....

  • I am a wife of an amazing multi-talented artist and a sacred geometry wizard  (  Falling in love with Jason has created a sacred relationship and been truly heart-opening. We got married 16 years ago, and since then, have been catalysing each other’s spiritual growth in the most profound way.

  • I am a mother of a gorgeous, creative, smart and free-willed nine year-old boy. My motherhood and conscious parenting has been womb-awakening, mind-blowing and spiritually-enriching.

  • Born and raised in Belarus, I've traveled over 40 countries and lived in India, Malta, and Taiwan. 

  • I'm a nature girl to the core. I live in a wooden cabin near the GuanYin mountain of Taiwan and love spending my summers in the forest of Belarus.

  • I love to explore Life in all ways. Apart from working my dream job, I adore dancing, having picnics, soaking in a hot spring, blending aroma oils and creating new altars.

  • Oh, and just for fun, I have a bachelor's degree in International Relations with a minor in Chinese. (I once thought I was going to be a KGB agent in China. Turns out the Goddess had other plans.)

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