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Body Alchemy 
Online Immersion

practical yet magical guidance based on

the latest scientific information and valuable bio-mystery insights -

all structured in correspondence to our cyclic nature

Our biology is deeply sacred and magical.

Body’s filled with treasures.


And there’s a map!

Do you feel disconnected, uninspired, anxious, irritable, stuck, or even lost? Or like something is missing in your life?

You are invited to embark on an empowering & nourishing 5-week alchemical journey

synched with the moon cycle that will enable you to

experience more harmony, freedom and joy in your body and life.

Your mission — should you choose to accept it — is to explore

the sacred bio-energy map of your body and gentle-yet-powerful somatic practices that

offer vitality, upliftment, immunity boost, and emotional support

navigating YOUR unique experience in what can be a confusing or overwhelming time.

Together we will create a safe and sacred circle to:

practice the most effective phases-specific movements and somatic explorations in stillness to activate the regenerative power and heal body-mind-spirit connection


learn to recognize body’s voice and access the somatic intelligence, wisdom and intuition of the four major regions of the body 


experience a practical way to safely process anger, sadness, fear, and other challenging emotions


explore the Womb-Moon bio-energy map of the human body aligned with the four phases of the solar and lunar cycles of Nature

Tropical Leaves

do energy clearing rituals, infuse the biofield with primordial source codes, and tune to the nurturing bioenergetic body of our planetary mother Gaia-Sophia


merge the magic of soma and psyche, enhance self-understanding and embody the Essential Self 


“Zoya's guidance was so helpful for me and others because she never tells you how to think or why you should feel a certain way.  She expertly guides you into your own realizations, fully honoring where each student is in each moment and offering her full presence and love to help the student embody their own realizations. Working with Zoya is very empowering”.


All genders are welcome!

No prior experience is required. Just come as you are.
You'll be witnessed without judgment and held withan appreciation for ALL of yourself.

Some of the participants’ favorites:

~ de-armoring the solar self and tending to the lunar self

~ discovering the lunar plexus and the “muscle of the soul”

~ removing the energy cords that bind your emotional sovereignty

~ heart alchemy ritual: traveling the 6 sacred sites of the heart

~ activating the feminine third eye or the goddess mouth

~ empowering the energetic engine of the body

5 weekly live

2-hour classes over Zoom with opportunity for interaction and questions


 simple weekly exercises between sessions to go deeper on your journey


Facebook community forum for sharing, support, and nourishing connection







Q: When does the course start?

A:There is no fixed date yet. If you're interested please press on "book my seat," fill in a short form, and I'll let you know when the next group will be formed.

Q: What if I can't join the live webinars?

A:No problem at all.

It’s common to miss some webinars.

Some participants don’t attend any live, because of work or other commitments. 

You’ll get a replay of each video and it’s audio version within 24 hours of the live call.

It’s downloadable and yours to keep forever.

The recording includes all information, meditation and exercises for the week.

Just watch it when you can and then share your experience or ask questions on our FB forum if you wish. 

You are also welcome to submit questions in advance that might be answered live on the call.


Q: How much time will I spend on course materials each week? 

Will I have the time to do practices in the midst of a busy life?

A: The course is designed so that you can participate at your own pace and in your own way.

The weekly class is 120 minutes long, but if you’re busy that week

you can watch the recording and practice any time later.

I’ll give you some exercises and explorations to incorporate into your daily life during each week. To do some practice is better than no practice,

and many of the practices can be done in the midst of your life as it is for you.

All-in-all plan to spend two hours on the course material per week

plus whatever you’re able to spend on your practices.

Once you enter the alchemical cauldron of this course, the practices and teachings might bring transformation in unexpected ways. It’s not always about how much you do.

Q: What if I do not have Facebook, can I still participate?

A: Yes! The Facebook group is optional as an additional community of support during your course and after the course ends. To join the course, you just need an email account and access to a device with good internet connection, microphone, camera, and speakers to participate in the calls.


Q: What if I don’t know anything about spirituality, yoga or alchemy?

A: You don’t need to! Both complete beginners and experienced practitioners are welcome.

The main goal of this course is to learn from our direct experience.

And you’ll receive all needed information and knowledge before each practice.

Some of the results you may receive from learning this knowledge and applying it into your daily life are:


  1. emotional freedom from anxieties, dissatisfaction, guilt & insecurities

  2. ability to make daily and life choices with unshakable confidence

  3. improved general health and restored resiliency

  4. increased time for self-care and fun

  5. feeling more in love with and at home in your body

  6. improved relationships with your loved ones

  7. increased libido and energy levels

  8. increased flow of money income and financial support

  9. a significantly amplified feeling of joy, harmony and ease in life

If you’re considering to participate in this online course but have a few doubts
(and it’s only natural, most people do!) please read this.

“I’ve never done a course like this.”


The truth is it’s the first time for most people! AND the experience shows that in the environment of safety and sacredness that we create during the course, people of all genders, ages and backgrounds open up to and receive the healing and deep transformation they need. 


“Will this work for me?”


My 15 years + of working with people from all over the world shows that these experiences are universal and work for anyone who sincerely participates in the process, regardless of their previous experiences. ALSO, the online course includes energy clearing to remove any possible blockages to your healing and transformation to help you to get the most amazing results.


“I’m not ready. Maybe I’ll do it later…”

We never feel ready as the fear of the change and the unknown is always present. Change is scary.

It’s natural to resist change as we are creatures of habit.

Most of the time we'd rather be miserable and certain than uncertain and hopeful. 

But If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.

You need to show up for yourself! Nobody can do it for you!

Imagine that you could be who you want to be right now, without waiting for the “perfect tomorrow” that never comes. Why keep being stuck, unhealthy, unhappy in life, relationships or work, if you could change it?

Postponing your inner changes to embody the most expanded version of yourself just prolongs the unnecessary suffering.






Violet Stars




Don’t miss the opportunity!

If you feel called or even just curious, consider joining this online course.

You won’t regret it! 

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