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2024 龍之旅: 探索女力魔法之源  

​在南庄的 一日身心靈登山探險


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  • Get deep body and soul purification and nourishment

  • Connect with the nutrient-filled bio-energy body of our mother Gaia

  • Reconnect to the deep essence self

  • Explore the Womb-Moon bio-energy map of the human body aligned with the four phases of Nature

  • Learn to recognize body’s voice and access the somatic intelligence, wisdom and intuition of the four major regions of the body

  • Practice movements and somatic explorations in stillness to activate the regenerative power and heal body-mind-spirit connection 

  • Release limiting beliefs about your body and heal the wound of  not-enoughness

  • Redefine beauty and let go of comparison

  • Nurture your body with feminine energetic practices and rituals

  • Heal any places of hurt and disconnect from your mother and embrace the gifts and challenges of your maternal lineage

  • Deepen your inner sense of safety and “home,” and ability to be you

  • Open to the Divine Mother as She lives within you and bathe in Her unconditional love

  • Reconnect with, purify and empower the womb

  • Take an embodied journey of womb mapping & create your own Womb-Moon medicine wheel

  •  Awaken the inner elemental power and activate the creative womb portal

  • Reconnect with the power of your lunar crown (pussy, perineum, and anus) 

  • Clear your lunar crown from shame, guilt, grief, fear, anger, and residual energies from past or current relationships

  • Lift taboos of pussy and menstruation & expand your capacity for sexual pleasure 

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NEW workshop:
Womb-Moon Alchemy of Restlessness, Anxiety & Fear

~ learn the most simple and effective ways to instantly reset your nervous system to safety


~  identify your fears, the consequences of not dealing with them, and recognize the messages your Essence Self sends you through your specific fears


~experience an embodied alchemical way to safely process and release your deepest fears


~ perform yoga kriyas, energy work and a ritual to clear subconscious fear imprints


~ re-program yourself to use your fears as fuel, moving from habitual fearful reaction to conscious response and creation, and replacing your fear with choice, confidence, and commitment. 

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