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Womb-Moon Alchemy is your practical and magical guidance 

to healthy and happy life & loving and lasting relationships

through tapping into inner healing capacity,

creating emotional sovereignty,

connecting to womb wisdom and moon cycles

learning effective skills of authentic relating and compassionate communication,

and rekindling the joy of play and true intimacy.  


It's my honor to guide women around the globe

to discover their inherent power and wisdom of the body &  

to safely experience and understand all of their emotions

so they reconnect with their soul guidance and

enjoy freedom & love in their bodies and  relationships. 

I do it by working with women both privately and in group settings.

Zoya is a true therapist. After experiencing some very disturbing trauma and upheaval in my life, it was a blessing to have Zoya as a resource to coping and healing.  Zoya and I had a skype session and it was absolutely transformative. After just one session with her, I began being able to process what happened and why.  Zoya helped me begin to open in a huge way and release some of the stagnant fear, pain, and anger I was harboring in my body. After one hour-long session, I felt relief and finally had a deep night's sleep again, no nightmares. 

Continuing to work with Zoya has been such a gift.  She is an expert at guiding and helping me to deepen into realizations about myself and the world. She has shown me how to embody my womanhood,

wisdom and gorgeous gift of compassion and forgiveness.  I feel like a divine child,

a graceful goddess, a wise wizard and a beautiful bodhisattva in her presence

as she is so good at mirroring, no matter what we are working on.

Practically, from my sessions with Zoya, I have gained tools to meditate regularly,

relax deeply, forgive fully, expand my creativity and connect with my body,

its cycles and the cycles of nature. 
It is my hope that everyone in the world has such guidance as Zoya to help them

access their inner wisdom and knowing.


Kayla Oceanna, coach & energy worker, USA

Pink Lily
Womb-Moon Alchemy
Private Sessions

Working with me 1-1 is an intimate, exquisitely personalized journey which can help you to:


Heal difficult emotions, feelings, thoughts, states of mind, and transform your physical disease, pain, fear, or trauma into opportunities of connection to your wholeness


Release limiting beliefs about yourself, feel truly at home in your body and in love with yourself and feel more peaceful and abundant regardless of external circumstances 


Become less judgmental and more compassionate towards yourself and others, and form more intimate & meaningful relationships


Embrace both your light and shadow and activate whole new capacities in yourself by connecting with who you truly are at the deepest level


Have a stronger link to your own guidance and intuition, and learn to trust your inner wisdom


Direct your energy in a new way - focus towards healthy and empowered living, nourish yourself on every level, and enhance your willingness and ability to experience joy and freedom


Gain clarity about your unique purpose and gift, embody your truth with fierce authenticity and build a stable financial foundation


Reconnect with the sacred feminine within your body and within the world around you, and accelerate your transformation and manifestation by working with the cycles of nature and your own body cycles 


Embrace the world in a sacred, whole and celebratory way

The options of one Alchemy session or a 3-month Alchemy program are available.

"Dear Zoya, I am very grateful to you. I could feel that this is not a job for you to help me, it is your life. After our friendly and calming conversations, I got to realize where my problems were coming and how to reduce the influence of the outside on my decision making. I hadn't had an idea of what kind of consequences could come up after certain actions, which I'd considered before as the only right. You showed me, what we see and hear is not always the real truth, because our consciousness is limited in perception and can't embrace the whole picture with lots of not obvious nuances. You draw my attention to the point, that there is no need to prove my own truth which is coming from the heart and to fight for it; the truth will do all that itself.

You told me about absolutely unknown-to-me methods for how to handle myself, how to reduce susceptibility, what to do if I feel hurt, lost or disabled, how to charge the energy, to calm down, and many other things. Your way of talking to me was exactly for me, you were tuned to me, my way of thinking, that’s why it was easy for me to understand you and to take your knowledge gratefully and with wonder. It was easy for me to open myself to you because I had a feeling you knew me and you knew something about me, which was not visible even for me.

Your listening to my big and small problems was so attentive.

Even your voice was rejuvenating.

Thank you for reminding me of the most important things in life.

Thank you for teaching me all these wonderful methods.

Thank you for giving me knowledge, which I will use all my life". 


Natasha Klinger, manager, Germany

Womb-Moon Alchemy
Pink Daisy

I absolutely love offering  Womb-Moon Alchemy workshops where

women gather in a Sacred Circle - a safe space

for vulnerable sharing, deep exploration, inner transformation. 

In Womb-Moon workshops, we weave together

powerful rituals and group coaching,

embodiment practices and shamanic journeys,

shadow work and guided meditations.

Each circle includes time for heart-based intimate sharing and

non-judgmental listening and mirroring.  

And since it's our co-creation even workshops with the same theme

have different flavors shaped by energies that women bring into the circle.

All circles are limited to 13 participants.

Together we:

~Remember the Divine Feminine mysteries encoded in our body

~Navigate the deep dark waters of our emotions 

~Release patterns of defensive armoring against life and

control mechanisms that keep us “safe” and separate

~Deepen our relationship with our essence, listen to the voice of the womb, and

reconnect with the depths of our soul

~Seek out our “shadows”, witness and embrace them so they become

a resource for inner awakening and transformation

~Heal our past and bring forgiveness to the deepest hurts of our heart 

~Embody new levels of joy and freedom from fear, suffering, and limitations

~Remember that Love is the only true power and the only way 

~Give and receive sisterly support 

"Zoya has a profound ability, honed over many years of practice, to tune into intuition and guidance to help people gain opening and realization. Her comments are always on the mark, allowing me to get clarity and melt away resistance. Zoya has literally transmitted Light into my life and has helped me nurture that seed so that, through my own patient dedication and effort, this Light and Love is now firmly rooted in my everyday awareness".


Anastasia Avvakumova, intuitive healer & writer, Canada


"The beauty of being in the women's circle is that you see mirrors everywhere.

Goddess is expressing herself through this form and that form, each one unique.

As you look into the mirror of sisterhood,

you begin to see how magnificently unboxable She is".

~ Chameli Ardagh

Womb-Moon Alchemy

Womb-Moon Alchemy

Womb-Moon Alchemy
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Womb-Moon Alchemical Formula: embodied way to process fear and any challenging emotions

Womb-Moon Alchemical Formula: embodied way to process fear and any challenging emotions

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Conscious Creation from the Womb. Importance of the Womb & Lunar Crown. Magnetic Feminine Power.

Conscious Creation from the Womb. Importance of the Womb & Lunar Crown. Magnetic Feminine Power.

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Embodiment, how we get disembodied and embodied //Womb-Moon Alchemy

Embodiment, how we get disembodied and embodied //Womb-Moon Alchemy

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