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Womb-Moon Alchemy:  
Lunar Crown  &  Menstruation

Lunar Crown is your pussy, perineum, and anus.

How do you feel about this physical area?

Whatever feelings come up, they drive your subconsciousness and rule any manifestation process related to your

wellbeing, relationships, or career.


We need to release any shame, guilt, fear, anger, or other blocks in that area and sanctify our lunar crowns,

as well as everything related to it including menstruation.


Menstrual cycle is female body’s creative power and wisdom of Nature. In each menstrual cycle a woman goes through four distinct phases that correlate to four moon phases, four seasons of the year, and even four phases of a human life.

We die and get re-born each month!

Not synching with this natural flow of changes can bring lots of dissatisfaction, stress, and even health problems. It is vitally important to align your energy and time management to your menstrual cycle and nurture your health, home, family and work in a rhythm in tune with your personal moon. When you own this knowledge, you utilize the nature’s energy rather than work against it.


Womb-Moon Alchemy Workshop


This workshop is for you if you: 

~want to “deal” with your fear, shame, guilt, anger, anxiety, or sadness in a healthy and empowering way


~want to expand your capacity for sexual pleasure 


~suffer uncomfortable pre-menstrual symptoms 


~experience fertility challenges or other reproductive system problems 


~are ready to embody your power fully and unapologetically 


~are a woman - whether you have an irregular menstrual cycle or no cycle, regardless of your stage of life, or absence of the uterus, this workshop will benefit you greatly.



Together we’ll create a safe and sacred space to:


~ Reconnect with lunar crown (pussy, perineum, and anus) and clear it from shame, guilt, grief, fear, anger, and residual energies from past or current relationships


~ Experience a practical way to safely process challenging emotions


~ Get a solid understanding of the principle natural cycles, both in our bodies and in nature, and their connection to our moods, hormones, energy and libido levels


~ Learn how to plan a month from week to week to bring a deeper experience of joy and freedom and less struggle


~ Understand how circular, feminine self-care makes us more comfortable in our bodies and more effective in our lives

By lifting taboos of pussy and menstruation, we reconnect with our feminine essence and power, and restore the harmony of our female bodies, families, society and Earth.

Enrollment is limited to 11 to ensure personal attention to every participant.


Whether you have an irregular menstrual cycle or no cycle,

regardless of your stage of life, or absence of the uterus,

this workshop will benefit you greatly.


 Feng Yan Ti

You don't need to know what this workshop will do for you. If you feel the call, you will definitely take away the gift that you need most at the moment.


Zoya’s guidance is very gentle and promotes complete relaxation.


I constantly felt the subtle perceptions of my body, I listened to my body, my inner being, and the presence of my sisters gave me the power to face my truthful appearance.

Tu Chih-Wei

In the workshop, I felt how great the unique energy of women is. It’s the first time I touched on the healing of the lunar crown issues, and I realized some of my bad emotions and some low self-esteem were related to it. I also found that I had been ignoring my pussy, menstrual blood, some feelings during menstruation, not understanding my body... But all got released this time.


I really like the teacher and the atmosphere of the space that allow everyone to relax and let go. Thank you to everyone who participated together.

If you’re considering to participate in the workshop but have a few doubts
(and it’s only natural, most women do!) please read this.

“I don’t have a uterus anymore.”

If you have lost your uterus to surgery, please come to work with your energetic womb space.

“I’ve never been to a workshop like this.”


The truth is it’s the first time for most women! AND the experience shows that in the environment of safety and sacredness that we create during the workshop, women of all ages and backgrounds open up to and receive the healing and deep transformation they need. 


“Will this work for me?”


My 15 years + of working with women from all over the world shows that these experiences are universal and work for any woman who sincerely participates in the process, regardless of their previous experiences. ALSO, the workshop includes energy clearing to remove any possible blockages to your healing and transformation to help you to get the most amazing results.


“I’m not ready. Maybe I’ll do it later…”


We never feel ready as the fear of the change and the unknown is always present.

Change is scary.

It’s natural to resist change as we are creatures of habit.

Most of the time we'd rather be miserable and certain than uncertain and hopeful. 

But If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.

You need to show up for yourself! Nobody can do it for you!


Imagine that you could be who you want to be right now, without waiting for the “perfect tomorrow” that never comes. Why keep being stuck, unhealthy, unhappy in life, relationships or work, if you could change it?

Postponing your inner changes to embody the most expanded version of yourself just prolongs the unnecessary suffering.

"This workshop helped me to find the feminine inner source and to learn how to take care of myself so that I can feel settled and nourished. It seems that the mystery of the sacred womb has been unveiled, and the vastness of mystery within it is incredible…

Participating in the workshop allowed me to revisit my body, and also to face the hurt that I’ve been avoiding before. I released the pain, sorrow and escape caused by that hurt, and use a new mindset of love and blessing now so I and my body get better and better together."

Don’t miss the opportunity!

If you feel called or even just curious, consider joining this workshop. You won’t regret it! 

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