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Womb-Moon Yoga


~Practice yoga totally free from

patriarchal flavors of comparing, achieving and perfecting 

~ Clear and activate the womb, the heart and sexual-creative

energy currents of the body 

~ Strengthen your core and

relieve back pain

~ Create more ease and flow in the body-mind and regulate your nervous system

~ Improve your posture and

breathing pattern

~ Reconnect with your feminine essence and bless your body with love ​

All genders are welcome.

Whether you have a uterus or not, you can practice from

your energetic “womb” place -

known in the East as lower dantian, kanda, or hara,

and receive great benefits from Womb-Moon Yoga.

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The main principles of Womb-Moon yoga:


*experiencing your body rather than objectifying, controlling, or manipulating her


*infusing asana, mudra and breath work with embodied awareness, meditation, and intuitive sounding

*encouraging fluidity & energy flow based on structure, stability & alignment of safety 

*creating somatic connectedness & power through relaxation rather than muscle tension & finding integrity with ease in each moment

*activating and harmonizing the Womb/Hara, Heart & Head, and the Solar & Lunar crowns & circuits


*expressing deep reverence for Nature, Spiritual Oneness and Sacred Inner Union of Feminine and Masculine in the form of body prayers


In a Womb-Moon yoga practice we weave together asana, mudra and breath work infused with embodied awareness, meditation, mantra and intuitive sounding, all expressed in the form of embodied prayers.


Womb-Moon yoga class is a guided journey in a small group (max 11 people) to connect more deeply with your somatic being and to form the foundation for both emotional healing and spiritual deepening.

"Zoya's yoga class doesn’t have the oddly shaped and difficult movements but more yoga spirit and focus on somatic consciousness. It’s not about disciplining the body, it is about understanding & feeling the needs of the body, the deep real needs, & loving your own body.


Before the course, this concept was vague, but after the course, I realized how real it all is. I got to use my body to confirm it. This is a good opportunity to re-understand and re-learn yoga".

Ivy Jheng


Intuitive communicator


Ivy .jpg
Gabi Seewald

The most helpful 

embodiment practice

I've ever experienced,

 guided with such deep love, respect and devotion to the embodied union of divine feminine and divine masculine 


Womb-Moon Yoga is the most helpful embodiment practice I know and have ever experienced, guided with such deep love, respect and devotion to the embodied union of divine feminine and divine masculine.


I learnt so much about the feminine portals and physical/energetic places in my body that I had no idea about even existed, starting to connect with them, feel them and nourish them...

I wish all beings can experience this! Thank you for being my loving guide and mentor on this journey. I bow to you in deep respect and love.

Gabriele Seewald, 

embodied leader, speaker, author, retreat facilitator,



I am more beautiful and tender after Womb-Moon yoga

Dear Zoya,


though I have taken different yoga classes over years, it is in your class that I found how beautiful yoga is.


I feel I am more beautiful and tender after Womb-Moon yoga guided by you.


devoted mother and wife, 


Malabika Das

An empowering journey as much as it is a healing one, an in depth exploration of the womb and pelvis, a unique experience not to be missed

Zoya’s Womb-Moon Yoga is a unique experience not to be missed. One of Zoya’s gifts as a teacher and guide is to effortlessly interweave energetic, spiritual, mental and physical aspects of a variety of yogic, moon magic and feminine inspired practices. 


Zoya provides an in depth exploration of the womb, pelvis & energetic portals in our body. One of my favorite lessons was working on accessing and massaging the yin (water) and yang (fire) aspects of my womb and then being guided into a journey where I could release long held trauma that was inhibiting my womb and overall wellness. 


It is an empowering journey as much as it is a healing one. And this is what Womb-Moon Yoga is, a journey into yourself and beyond.


Malabika Das, PhD,


social worker, trauma and wellness specialist, 



"Zoya is another milestone in my yoga life that allowed me to connect to deeper inner perception and emotional energy through breathing and class exercises. Womb-moon yoga has improved my perception of the body to another level and become a wonderful help for my daily meditation. 

The comfortable and beautiful class environment, the various energy mudras, crystal bowls and chanting, body explorations, and Zoya's explanation that often touched my heart - I fell in love with it all deeply. Zoya’s experience is very rich, and our experience of the course is great”.

Claire Huang

Ontological coach


Claire Huang.jpg