the way of life that helps you

to be free and joyful 

in your body & your relationships

~Practice yoga totally free from patriarchal flavors of comparing, achieving, and perfecting


~ Clear and activate the womb, the heart, and sexual-creative energy currents of the body


~ Strengthen your core and relieve back pain

~ Create more ease and flow in the body-mind and regulate your nervous system

~ Improve your posture and breathing pattern

~ Reconnect with your feminine essence and bless your body with love 

Womb-Moon yoga can be practiced by both women and men interested in

the feminine aspect of spirituality and its practical applications.

Men practice from their energetic “womb” place - lower dantian, kanda, or hara. 


Some of the Womb-Moon yoga principles:

*experiencing your body rather than objectifying, controlling, or manipulating her

*infusing asana, mudra, and breathwork with embodied awareness, meditation, and

intuitive sounding

*encouraging fluidity & energy flow based on structure, stability & alignment of safety 

*creating somatic connectedness & power through relaxation rather than muscle tension & finding integrity with ease in each moment

*activating and harmonizing the Womb/Hara, Heart & Head, and

the Solar & Lunar crowns & circuits

*expressing deep reverence for Nature, Spiritual Oneness and Sacred Inner Union of Feminine and Masculine in the form of body prayers

Gabi Seewald

The most helpful 

embodiment practice

I've ever experienced,

 guided with such deep love, respect and devotion to the embodied union of divine feminine and divine masculine 


I am more beautiful and tender after Womb-Moon yoga

Malabika Das

An empowering journey as much as it is a healing one, an in depth exploration of the womb and pelvis, a unique experience not to be missed

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