Womb-Moon Yoga

Womb-Moon Yoga helps women to be free and joyful

in their bodies & their relationships.

It's the fusion of hatha and tantra yoga, somatic intelligence, sun-moon rhythms, shadow work, Womb shamanism, elemental magic, Ayurvedic wisdom, and Priestess ritual arts.

Womb-Moon Yoga

is a yoga of feeling.

is a yoga of natural rhythms.

is a yoga of earth-based wisdom.

is a yoga of structure, fluidity, and integrity.

is a yoga of emotional intelligence.

is a yoga of intuitive knowing.

is a yoga of love embodiment.

is a yoga of divine mysticism.

is a yoga of temple healing arts.

Womb-Moon yoga can be practiced by both women and men interested in the feminine aspect of spirituality and its practical applications. Men practice from their energetic “womb” place - lower dantian, kanda or hara. 

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