Womb-Moon Yoga

Womb-Moon Yoga is the way of life that helps women and men 

to be free and joyful in their bodies & their relationships.

It's the fusion of hatha and tantra yoga, somatic intelligence, sun-moon rhythms, shadow work, Womb shamanism, elemental magic, Ayurvedic wisdom, and Priestess ritual arts.

Womb-Moon Yoga

is a yoga of feeling.

is a yoga of natural rhythms.

is a yoga of earth-based wisdom.

is a yoga of structure, fluidity, and integrity.

is a yoga of emotional intelligence.

is a yoga of intuitive knowing.

is a yoga of love embodiment.

is a yoga of divine mysticism.

is a yoga of temple healing arts.

Womb-Moon yoga can be practiced by both women and men interested in the feminine aspect of spirituality and its practical applications. Men practice from their energetic “womb” place - lower dantian, kanda or hara. 

Gabi Seewald

The most helpful 

embodiment practice

I've ever experienced,

 guided with such deep love, respect and devotion to the embodied union of divine feminine and divine masculine 


I am more beautiful and tender after Womb-Moon yoga

Malabika Das

An empowering journey as much as it is a healing one, an in depth exploration of the womb and pelvis, a unique experience not to be missed

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