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 Return: Oneness with Nature

a sacred body-mind healing circle for 8

in a natural forest environment

Connect with the nutrient-filled

bio-energetic body of our Mother Gaia

Strengthen the immune system and

increase energy and vitality

Get deep cleansing and integration of

body and mind

Awaken the wisdom of the body and

nourish the deep essence self

During our day 
together, we will build a safe, sacred space and practice:

What exactly we do will depend on your individual intentions and the weather of the day, and may include:

Meditation, yoga, body prayer & "breathing with trees"

Self-adjustment techniques & energy clearing rituals

Sacred body touch & sensual pleasure exercises

Community sharing, mentoring & compassionate support

Medicine walk in the forest

Stream bathing ritual

Fire ceremony

Intuitive dance

Elemental mandala

Intuitive body-mind drawing

Magical fireflies experience

Cost: $8,800

includes light meal and tea;

maximum 7 participants

Address: Baguali, Penglai Village, Nanzhuang Township,

Miaoli County

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All genders are welcome! 

No relevant experience is required, just attend as you are.

All of you will be witnessed without judgment and cherished and accepted.