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 Return: Oneness with Nature

a sacred circle for 4-8 people to obtain profound cleansing, integration and nourishment of

body, mind and soul in the natural virgin forest

Connect with the nutrient-filled

bio-energetic body of our Mother Gaia

Strengthen the immune system and

increase energy and vitality

Receive empowerment of the four elements of earth, water, fire and air

Awaken the wisdom of the body, gain clarity and get rooted in your deep essence self

Our womb-moon alchemy practices in the magical mountain forest will depend on your personal intentions and the weather of the day, and may include the following: 

Meditation, yoga, body prayers and self-adjustment techniques

Forest Medicine Walk

Mountain Stream Bathing Ritual

Dendrotherapy (Tree therapy)

Fire Ceremony

Intuitive Womb-Moon dance

Healing body-mind-soul drawing

Sacred body touch & sensual pleasure exercises

Community sharing, mentoring & compassionate support

"In the mountains I received the four elements of earth, water, fire and air,

Integrated the strong "contradictions" of my life,

I once again embodied the process of mutual growth and mutual restraint between "social routines, rational thinking" and "the nature of heaven and earth in the depths of the unconscious, unrestrained power".

In Tantra, Shamanism, Womb-Moon, I crave for the feminine energy and it leads me towards "returning to nature",

No gender, no self, no inside or outside,

There is no difference between the body and the earth, water, fire and air corresponding to the universe;


This time, once again, from the Doing, Yang energy of enterprising and hard work,

I turn to the recuperating, inaction and natural Being-Yin stream!"





contact me for available dates

Cost: $8,800

includes a welcome drink, nutritious home-made meal, dessert and tea + a little gift;

maximum 7 participants

Address: Baguali, Penglai Village, Nanzhuang Township,

Miaoli County;

transportation can be organized

 8月22日是很特別的日期,這是七夕情人節 (陰曆7月7日)- 參加僻靜是送給自己的完美愛的禮物。


8月22日也是金星逆行中的重要一天。在8月23日之前,金星/維納斯會處於地底世界並且看不見,但在這天之後,金星將終於成為一顆明亮的晨星 - 這是維納斯(也就是阿芙蘿黛蒂)的全面重生。




※ 無須相關經驗,只要以目前的狀態盡心參與,迎接深層的轉變、復甦、無條件的愛與接納。

"The beauty of the day in connection with the forest, water, air, plants -  my heart was open, my body was so happy, and my spirit got washed at the same time.

Later, when I returned to work and usual routine, I stayed aware and awake every day, and I kept learning to surrender and let go. And today I decided and fully surrendered! In the face of the unknown, I trust!

The additional benefit of the retreat is that by watching how Zoya chooses plates and decorates the environment,  I learned "Ah! It turns out that making everything around you look good and pleasing to the eye” is also an expression of loving yourself! This is one of my biggest takeaways!"

Nicky Chang



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sacred space


nurturing meal

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All genders are welcome! 

No relevant experience is required, just attend as you are.

All of you will be witnessed without judgment and cherished and accepted.

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