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Womb-Moon Alchemy 
Private Three -Month Program 

 If you are opening this page,

I assume that you need some support and guidance in your life.

We all do! We need allies, guides, and spiritual friends.

We are not meant to do it all on our own.

Especially during tough or transitional times.

I have personally been privileged to work with a few mentors

who helped me transform many aspects of my life,

from my well-being and relationships to my impact in leadership and spirituality.

We all need support, and I am here to offer you the empowerment and love

that you need to fill your life with ease, wellness, abundance, and joy.

Would you like to:

~Find emotional freedom from anxieties, dissatisfaction, guilt & insecurities? 

~Liberate from the tyranny of unconscious conditioning and transform your fear, anger, pain and suffering into new opportunities in your life?

~Improve general and feminine health?

~Increase vitality, full ownership of your energy and orgasmic power?

~Enhance your ability to be responsive rather than reactive?

~Feel safe in your own skin and own your value and your worth?

~Have a stronger link to your own guidance, intuition, and creativity?

~Feel more peaceful and joyful regardless of external circumstances?

~Become less judgmental and more compassionate towards yourself and others? 

~Form more intimate and meaningful relationships?

~Enjoy the freedom of being yourself and fall in love with life?

I’m sure you answered YES!

Any and all of these changes can be available to YOU

through this Womb-Moon Alchemy Program.

4 petals mandala_edited.jpg

My credibility is built on my solid training

as a priestess, coach and yoga teacher,

my 20+ years of experience

in the field of healing and spirituality,

and hundreds of grateful women I worked with.

Together, you and I will create a safe, intimate and sacred space for vulnerable sharing, deep exploration, inner transformation, and effective learning.

The support I offer is me meeting you exactly where you are and offering you full acceptance and nurturance along with the emotional empowerment, energetic alignment, tools and practices that will be the most effective in your personal situation. 


Each session is custom-tailored to support you and your unique situation.

Expect a personalized blend of:


  • Somatic exploration and dialogue to identify and honor whatever is arising within every level of you: body, mind, emotions, and spirit

  • Personalized body-mind rituals and shamanic journeys

  • Relationship coaching

  • Embodied Womb-Moon practices

  • Tapping meditations and other energy alignment techniques

  • Sacred initiation into the Divine Feminine archetypes and Elementals


"Zoya, thank you,

thank you for letting me into this world of magic, love, alchemy and deep healing.


You walk the talk and I so respect you for your humbleness, strength, clarity, and compassion".

Elizabeth Coetzee

hydrotherapy and fasting specialist

South Africa

This Womb-Moon program has literally been my life’s work.

It's taken me many years of trial and error, regular practices, deep inner work, and

work with hundreds of women to put everything together and refine this program.


It’s not just another course,

it’s working 1-1 with me personally that will change you and your life for good.

You will get the guidance and coaching on your specific issues

as I customize this program to meet your personal needs.


The basic structure of this program includes me holding space for your deep transmutation,

offering constant support and guidance,

and teaching you the womb-moon alchemical formula, practices, exercises, and rituals that will help you to:


~ expand your somatic awareness and energetic intelligence

~ create a powerful toolkit of self-regulation

~ process repressed emotions, clear energetic blocks, and build emotional resilience

~ alchemize unhealthy emotional patterns & remove attachment to suffering (yes, we all have it!)

~ learn how to manage emotions in the difficult moments & express yourself with power and compassion

~ improve your intuition and reconnect to your highest purpose

~embrace both your light and shadow and activate whole new capacities in yourself

by connecting with who you truly are at the deepest level

"Any kind of doctrines no longer serve me. I am creating my own game. Taking my matters in my own hands. I don't need to force myself to achieve anything, to be somebody.  I am just good enough as I am. I am in my own process. My shadow side completes me and makes me unique. I am not going to be this typical sweet and nice girl. I am just what I am.


 It becomes easier when I am facing difficult times. I am figuring things out in my own way. I am connecting with the people that I was afraid to connect. I am letting things go. Accepting. I don't go back to regret.


At work, I am more confident, instead of feeling being bullied or shamed. I am facing things that I was avoiding. I am safe and secure. And I am protected. It is not the end of the world. I am just different instead of I am not enough. 


I am feeling happier....what a strange feeling. This excitement I haven't felt for a long time…. And this time I am feeling different. The sense of freedom is somehow telling me I will never go back to those dark places where I complain and blame. 




I am so grateful. Thank you, Zoya".

a WMA client, Taiwan

Image by Dušan veverkolog

The personally-tailored WMA program is 3 months long and

includes two 70-minutes sessions per month,

all the audio, video and reading materials you need, and

follow-up emotional email support in-between scheduled sessions.


We’ll hold our private sessions online via Zoom.

It’s a great way to enjoy your session in the convenience of your own home or office,

no matter where you live. There is more privacy, no need to stress about coordinating travel schedules, fight traffic, find parking or worry about arranging childcare.

If you’ve got an internet connection, we’re good to go!


The fee for this 3-month one-on-one program:

379 USD per month


999 USD as a one-time payment for 3 months (save 138 USD)

"I recommend Zoya dearly to all people who want to understand themselves better and heal their past. Zoya can support you in a 3-month program where you are invited to go deeper into your body. Through breathing and small movements Zoya guided me to become aware of my limiting beliefs and codes which are not serving me any more. It’s still a process to be continued and I’m thankful for Zoya’s support in this journey in life. Thank you Zoya ❤️"

Lene Gudmundsen




Isn’t it time you say YES to YOU?

I sincerely invite you to enroll into my Womb-Moon alchemy program

that results in deep transformation and empowerment.

It's not too late for you.

We'll do it together.

Every step you take, I’ll be right next to you, holding your hand.

It's going to be worth it.

We'll move gently, but we'll go deep.

Trust me. Trust your Self. Trust the Universe.


And don’t let money hold you back.

You are not a victim to finance.

I do my best to keep the fee low but

if you need a payment arrangement or other considerations made –

please simply reach out to me.

Let’s make it happen!  

And no matter whether you choose my guidance, I am grateful you’ve read it to this point.

I honor you.

Women like you are changing the world.


If you're interested 

let's discuss it and get clarity on whether I can serve your wellbeing.

"Working with Zoya privately has opened to me so many possibilities. Zoya is teaching me so many techniques to help me cope on a daily basis. Zoya is a very knowledgeable person on so many levels. The amount of knowledge and skills she shares with me are countless. Taking care of my emotional well-being is helping me cope much better. I have learned a lot and there is still a lot more to learn. Awareness, releasing fears and getting in touch with feelings are all part of this learning process. A safe and secure environment has to be provided for the process to begin. Zoya has and continues to provide me with such an environment. Zoya offers me constant support. I know that she is there whenever I need her and I am forever grateful".

a WMA client, UK

Image by Antonella Vilardo

 I would like to thank you once more for everything you helped me achieve and for all the great things you taught me. Ever since I met you my life changed - the inner peace I achieved really made me live a better life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the good work you are doing and for sharing it. You are truly a remarkable person and will forever hold a place in my heart.

a WMA client, USA

Zoya initiated me into the sacred feminine, into my connection with Body.  She is a powerhouse facilitator and Priestess of the Divine Feminine.

My life has been so changed and imbued in love because of this woman.

Kayla Oceanna,
 spiritual coach & mentor, USA