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Do you want to feel secure, connected, joyful, loved, expressive, and free?

Would you like your beautiful and powerful feminine essence to
shine through in everything that you do?
… well, then 
Welcome to Womb-Moon Alchemy!

It's an online sanctuary for women like you -
fierce and tender, powerful and vulnerable, dynamic and centered,
emotional and balanced, responsible and spontaneous, wise and wild,
and radiant with all their shadows.
Yes, YOU have all these qualities inside.
You might just need some support and guidance to embody your full-spectrum sacred nature so you can embrace life in a celebratory way and enjoy the freedom of being yourself while enjoying an intimate connection with others.


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I'm Zoya Lu, Solamma, a mother, wife, womb awakening guide, moon priestess, emotional alchemist, relationship coach, yoga teacher, and the creatrix of Womb-Moon Alchemy & Womb-Moon Yoga.
Let me guide you to discover your body magic and ability to rebirth yourself and your relationships into a new paradigm of love, freedom and joy.
My womb-centered & moon-inspired approach can help you to fully embody your essential self and create deep, life-lasting changes on physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual levels.

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Image by Jr Korpa






It's my honor to guide women around the globe

to discover their  inherent power and wisdom of the body  &  

to safely experience and understand all of their emotions

so they reconnect with their soul guidance and

enjoy freedom & love in their bodies and  relationships. 

When we learn and embody the womb-moon alchemy

we have the potential to birth a new world, the world of our dreams.


Thank you for being a part of this evolution!

Woman in Nature


“Zoya's guidance was so helpful for me and others because she never tells you how to think or why you should feel a certain way.  She expertly guides you into your own realizations, fully honoring where each student is in each moment and offering her full presence and love to help the student embody their own realizations. Working with Zoya is very empowering”.


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