Do you want to feel secure, connected, joyful, loved, expressive, and free?

Would you like your beautiful feminine self to shine through in everything that you do?


… well, then you are home!


Welcome to my online sanctuary

for women like you -

fierce and tender, powerful and weak, dynamic and centered, emotional and balanced, responsible and spontaneous, wise and wild,

and radiant with all their shadows.


Yes, YOU have all these qualities inside. You might just need some support and guidance to embody your full-spectrum sacred nature so you can embrace life in a celebratory way and enjoy the freedom of being yourself while enjoying an intimate connection with others.


I’m Zoya Lu, a loving wife, devoted mother, and a relationship coach for married women. I'm also an emotional wellbeing facilitator. a womb priestess, and a moon yogini.


I help women to create a healthy and happy life & loving and lasting partnerships through creating emotional sovereignty, connecting to womb wisdom and moon cycles, learning effective skills of authentic relating and compassionate communication, and rekindling the joy of true intimacy.  

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Love is the essence of who we are. It’s always within. 

And yet love is not an easy thing that everyone can do.

We need to learn how to love, ourselves and others.


An intimate relationship is a divine union of two souls that come together to learn what true love means. We all have different capacities for love that are shaped mainly in our childhoods and then through our experiences with lovers that we met before. 


The good news is that it’s NEVER TOO LATE to expand your love capacity, learn how to embody love on a daily basis, and, if it calls you, to create a happy marriage.


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