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We all have an aversion towards so-called negative emotions and we have fear towards strong ones such as anger. We associate them with not feeling safe. We need to root ourselves in our internal safety to be able to feel challenging emotions. Also, usually, there are no healthy role models.


Everyone around encourages us to get over it, to let it go as soon as possible. So we don’t know how to deal with negative emotions and we suppress them. Even in spirituality being peaceful and equanimous is the goal, negative emotions are seen as not spiritual. Many practitioners are seduced into the spiritual bypass: turning off uncomfortable feelings in the spirit of evolvement, often masquerading as simple compassion. They are then not addressing their desires and not demanding what they want.


Emotion is energy. In the heart of any emotion is Shakti, the essential energy of creation, the universal force of life. If we don’t allow our emotions to be felt we use much of life force to dam the river of Shakti. We are building walls inside not to feel it again.


AND when we don’t feel negative, we don’t feel positive.

We need to awaken!


 5-step method to safely process anger,

express it, suppress it & utilize it

as a means of power and evolution.

Here is the first video for you to understand more and decide whether you want to take this free training.

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